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Cleaning Products for the Outdoor Area

0500 - Verdünnung - EN

0500 VerdünnungThinner 0500

The Thinner is suitable for use with BIOFA solvent-based enamels, varnishes, oils, waxes and other products with a natural binding agent. It can be used to clean utensils and much more. Additionally, BIOFA Thinner can be used to dissolve oils and resins, remove spots and stains, grease and other problematic agents. It also dissolves coniferous wood resins.


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0500 - Nebentext - EN


BIOFA Thinner 0500 is a mild solvent without aromatic organic chemicals. It has a pleasant odor from citrus peel oils.

0600 - Pinselreiniger Haupttext - EN

0600 PinselreinigerBrush Cleaner 0600


The environmentally friendly BIOFA Brush Cleaner 0600 cleans thoroughly, ecologically and gently. It can be used to clean paint brushes, paint rollers and other tools. Brush bristles become soft and supple.
Your Advantages at a Glance:
• Product contains 96% renewable and 4% mineral raw materials from nature

• Environmentally friendly

• Bio-degradable

• Solvent-free


Container: 1 l    ► Data Sheet

0600 - Pinselreiniger Nebentext - EN


BIOFA Brush Cleaner 0600 is a natural, solvent-free and biologically degradable cleaning product. It frees brushes and other tools from all solvent-free and water-soluble natural resin-based paints, enamels, varnishes, oils and waxes.

2019 - EN

2019 TerrassenreinigerTerrace Cleaner 2019

The BIOFA Terrace Cleaner 2019 is a highly effective concentrated outdoor cleaner that easily and quickly removes dirt and algae from untreated or oiled wood terrace surfaces. Wooden screens, pergolas, fences or garden furniture that have been forgotten outside can be cleaned with BIOFA Terrace Cleaner. The Terrace Cleaner is also suitable for the cleaning of synthetic surfaces and outdoor fabrics (test for compatibility), as well as stone, concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, slate, roof tiles, paving stones and similar surfaces.


Container: 1 l - 5 l    Data Sheet

2019NT - EN


BIOFA Terrace Cleaner 2019 is a highly effective cleaner for untreated or oiled wooden terraces, planks, fences, garden furniture, pergolas or other exterior wooden surfaces. 


The Terrace Cleaner is odorless and free of formaldehyde and phosphates.


2089 - EN

2089 EntgrauerWood Grey Remover 2089

BIOFA Wood Grey Remover can be used to restore treated or untreated soft or hard wood surfaces. It cleans, revitalizes, and brightens wood that has grayed from weathering. Wood is restored to its original character. The wood grain is emphasized and beautified. It can be used for wooden terraces, garden furniture, decks, wooden facades and other surfaces exposed to the weather. The gel-like consistency allows it to be used effectively on vertical surfaces.


Container: 1 l - 5 l   ► Data Sheet

2089Nt - EN


BIOFA Wood Grey Remover 2089 is an intensive cleaner for untreated and treated wood that has grayed from weathering. It cleans, refreshes and lightens gray wooden surfaces such as terrace flooring, garden furniture, wooden facades and more. It restores the wood to its original appearance.

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