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1440 - Universal Fixativ - EN

1440 Universal Fixativ

Universal Primer 1440


The versatile Universal Primer 1440 is produced from natural raw materials on the basis of potassium silicate. The product is ideal as a primer for all BIOFA Wall Paints for the interior and exterior, and to dilute SOLIMIN Special Primer 3046, SOLIMIN Mineral Paint white 3051 and colored 30511-4, SOLIMIN Quartz Plaster white 3055, EUROMIN Facade Paint white 1405 and colored 14051-4.


 Container: 1 l - 5 l     ► Data Sheet 1440    

1440 - Nebentext - EN


BIOFA Universal Primer 1440 is a clear primer for the saturation and sealing of highly absorbent and crumbling interior and exterior surfaces.

1405 - EN

1405, 14051-4 EUROMINEUROMIN Facade Paint 1405, 1405-4

solvent-free, white and colored

BIOFA EUROMIN Facade Paint is ideally suited for stucco, plaster, concrete limestone and similar mineral surfaces as well as old, bonded lime and silicate paint coatings.
It is highly diffusible, non-fading, UV-stable and weatherproof with a minimal soiling tendency. The organic content is less than 5%.
Caution! Do not apply EUROMIN Facade Paint 1405 on emulsion paints and hydrophobic surfaces.


Container: 10 l    Data Sheet

1405NT - EN


The BIOFA EUROMIN Facade Paint 1405 is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, UV- and weatherproof silicate-based mineral paint for house facades. It is produced from potassium silicate in accordance with DIN 18 363/2.4.1 and is applicable for various exterior mineral surfaces.


It is available in white and different colors.


1211 Vorlack Aqua EN

1211 Vorlack AQUAPrimer Aqua 1211

The white, solvent-free Primer Aqua 1211 is produced through a special natural polymerization of natural oils with water. This primer, which levels out irregularities, is water vapor diffusible and permanently elastic. It allows for optimal adhesion for subsequent coats of BIOFA oil and water-based paints on wood surfaces and wooden materials. BIOFA products for the exterior can be used to complete your wood protection program.


Container: 0,375 l - 1 l - 2,5 l - 5 l.  ► Data Sheet

1211 - Nebentext aussen - EN

The natural, solvent-free BIOFA Primer Aqua 1211 is a white, highly filling, quick drying and an easy to sand primer for wood, metal, etc.


Ideal as a primer for all BIOFA White and Colored Enamel Paints for the interior.

5112, 5104 - EN

5122, 5123 AQUADUR PlusAQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint
5122, 5123

solvent-free, white and colored, glossy

AQUADUR Plus, produced from natural oils and resins, is weather-resistant, dirt and water repellent, glossy, very opaque and adhesive, and is very robust after drying. The treated surface remains permanently elastic, breathable and dust-free due to the anti-static effect of the natural oil enamel. The Enamel Paint offers an ideal ecologically friendly wood protection for untreated external wood and wooden components, such as wooden facades, cladding, garage doors, windows, doors, railings, garden furniture, garden benches, children’s toys, etc. BIOFA AQUADUR Plus can also be used on pretreated (with a suitable rust inhibitor) metal surfaces. AQUADUR Plus 5122 / 5123 conforms to the Toy Norm EN 71 Part 3, as well as the DIN 53160 Resistance to Sweat and Saliva.


Container: 1 l - 2,5 l      ► Data Sheet

5112, 5104NT - EN


BIOFA AQUADUR Plus 5123 colored / 5122 white is a natural, water-based, solvent-free oil enamel for the exterior. Highly opaque, adhesive and permanently elastic, this product is well suited for windows, doors, garage doors, wooden facades, children’s toys, etc.

5175, 5101 - EN

5175, 5101 Holzlasur loesemittelfreiWood Varnish 5101

solvent-free, colored (except 5101 77 white), semi gloss

The colored BIOFA Wood Varnishes are produced from natural raw materials and are ideally suited for hard and softwoods, such as windows, doors, wooden facades and fixtures, etc. Coating freshly sawn lumber with Wood Varnish results in a higher color intensity. BIOFA Wood Varnish satisfies the Toy Norm EN 71 Part 3, as well as the DIN 53 160 Saliva and Sweat Resistant. It has been successfully tested in accordance with EN 927-3 (Outdoor Weathering Test) by the Rosenheim Institute for Technology.


Container: 0,375 - 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l     ► Data Sheet

5175,5101NT - EN


BIOFA‘s high quality natural Wood Varnish contains plant-based oils and mineral-based protection against UV rays. It is  solvent-free and water-soluble. The Oil-Varnish penetrates wooden surfaces well, results in water-resistant and repellent, silky-gloss finish surfaces that are porous and breathable.

1001 - EN

1075, 1001 HolzlasurWood Varnish 1001

colored 1001


Colored BIOFA wood protection oil varnishes are weatherproof and are suitable for exterior surfaces. The oil varnishes are available in many transparent color hues in accordance with the BIOFA color spectrum. The Wood Varnish has a particularly good adhesion to previous coats of varnish. Due to the excellent adhesion of this wood varnish, subsequent coats and old-coat-renovation are easily applied. The surface must simply be sanded and re-treated with the oil varnish. The white Wood Varnish can delay and/or cover up the darkening of light woods.


Container: 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l   ► Data Sheet

1001NT - EN


BIOFA Wood Varnishes 1001 colored are produced from natural oils and result in a breathable, durable and silky-gloss finish. They are suited for windows, doors, interior structures, furniture, children's toys as well as raw wood surfaces.
2043 - EN

2043, 20431 WetterschutzölWeather Protection Oil 2043 / 20431

colored 2043 , colorless 20431

The Weather Protection Oil is an effective wood preservative for outdoor wooden facades, wooden structures, toys, fences, etc. The Anti-Weathering Oil revitalizes and emphasizes the wood's natural structures. It protects from moisture and reduces graying due to weathering. The oil can be used for regular maintenance for sanded, planed, hewn and other absorbent wooden surfaces. Repeated treatments with Weather Protection Oil restore the surface to its original shine.


Container: 1 l - 2,5 l - 10 l  ► Data Sheet

2043NT - EN


BIOFA Weather Protection Oil 2043 colorless and 20431 colored are transparent natural resin oils, containing wood preservatives for exterior environments. The natural oil varnish penetrates the wood and creates a breathable yet protective surface treatment. It protects from moisture, weathering and graying.

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